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Question 1- What is artist floor ?
Answer - Artist floor is a platform for the entire artist to public there talents directly through the internet medium.

Question 2-Why is artist floor?
Answer -Because its only the place where who can make a career in art and creation. 

Question 3-  To whom artist floor?
Answer -For those who are interest in acting, dance, singing, music, modeling…..

Question 4-  How to get Reigster with us ?

Answer - Send the email at info@artistfloor.com or ashesh@artistfloor.com . You can visit our office.     Delhi shastrinagar and can also call 8743875597, 9212441919.

Question 5- What is profile?
Answer -It’s a detail description about you. It includes your basic information, education, profession, and field of interest.

Question 6- What is the opportunity for artist?
Answer -You can get the various position of job in media enterprise like film production houses, TV channels, magazine and mass media advertising and entertainments.

Question 7- How to get job in media?
Answer -Upload your profile in artistfloor.com and get registration now here will share your portfolio with companies.

Question 8-Is it Mendatory to viste office ?
Answer -No its not , you can regster your self online at our website.

Question 9- What is the need to be artist?
Answer -Just make a strong Digital profile and upload in artistfloor.com

Question 10- What is the scope in media?
Answer -There are lots of media houses established for supporting the communication network and services. Lots of vacancies are open in the field of media. You can make your career.

Question 11- How to make a video profile?
Answer -Visit the website www.artistfloor.com and get the detail about video shooting and editing.

Question 12- What are TV ads?
Answer -It’s visual informative Advertising product broadcast by TV channels and video advertisers.

Question 13-  How apply in film industry ?
Answer - We will share your profile in media industry.

Question 14-  How to Create Portfolio ?

Answer - Arrange your portfolio or you can create with us we will help you

Question 15-  what are the terms between you and us ?

Answer - as per term of company artistfloor

Question 16- How to do payment ?

Answer - Online Payment
Online Registration Payment Options
Paypal Email ID
Online Transfer
Go to any IDBI Bank Branch & Deposit Cash in the following account :
Account Number : 172102000004626
Account Name: Zorba International
IFSC Code : IBKL0000172
Account held at: Dwarka Sec -5 Delhi
Send us e-mail at info@artistfloor.com or Call us with transaction details after transferring/depositing funds